Thursday, 18 August 2011

Coins for Katie

What do a jar of coins and a sippy cup have in common?  Nothing, unless you're talking about Coins for Katie.  We're doing a sippy cup drive.  It's very easy - I send you or give you a sippy cup.  You fill it with your spare change.  When it's full you either give it back to me or empty your change into a big ziploc bag and start again.  When you're done, you send it back to me or, if you're local, I come and pick it up.  Every little bit helps - your spare change could help us bring Katie home!

In other exciting news, our homestudy is DONE!  Done everyone!!!  That means we are one huge step closer to submitting our dossier to our agency.  This is a big, big step.  We are waiting for some documents, and our UCIS fingerprinting date, and we can submit our dossier!  We need to raise some money before then to cover our dossier fee, so I'm hopeful that our yard sale will have a great turnout.

Let me know if you would like a sippy cup.  Or maybe one for home and one for work?  I'm happy to get one to you.  You are welcome to use your own cup if you'd prefer, but we have a little something special on the cups we've got.  If you're going to use your own cup, I'll send you our special Coins for Katie surprise!

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