Wednesday, 25 January 2012

From Obsession to Fruition

Remember this, my obsession?  

Well, it's come to fruition.

My sweet friend Carrie Beth cut the letters for me, and I bought a handful of embroidery hoops.  I got a bundle of fabric squares at Joann's for $11.99 and used a 50% off coupon.  I also had a 40% off an order over $25, so my total for seven embroidery hoops and a bundle of fabric was just over $15.00.  I also used a few scraps of fabric I already had.  I do want to add more hoops, so I think I'll wait until I have another coupon and buy about 5 more.  I'm only going to use fabric I already have with those, because I don't want 12947209 patterns of fabric on the wall.

I LOVE how it looks.
And I know I will love it more when it's got more hoops filled in.

This child better come home soon.  
I'm afraid I'll redecorate her room 4 times before she gets home!

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