Thursday, 17 May 2012

Gotcha Trip - Day Four

Today was day four of this trip for me, and day two with Katie.  As in, day two of the rest of her freaking life!  It is still so surreal to me that I don't have to give her back - she is OUR child!!

This morning the doctor came to our apartment to do Katie's medical exam for our Embassy appointment.  The doctor was so nice, and super friendly.  He was so sweet to Katie too.  She slept in the crib last night, but I moved her to the bed right before 7:00, when her appointment was to start.  She didn't wake up.

In fact, she woke up for approximately 3 minutes for him to look in her mouth and make her stand up.  And then she went back to sleep.  Until 11:30!!  I have never in my eight years of parenting had a child sleep until 11:30 a.m.  She slept through the entire night without waking and slept until 11:30.  I'm still so amazed by that!

After she woke up, she had some breakfast and painted for a little while.

Henry will be so excited that she likes to paint and draw - he can finally have someone other than me to do arts and crafts with!

After breakfast and painting she had a bath.  Her first of the day.  And she had six total.  Yes, I'm serious.  This child L.O.V.E.S. a bath.

Can you tell?

She would drain the water and we'd fill it back up.  (And by "fill" I mean about 2 inches of water.  And by drain, I mean she drank most of it.  Hello H. Pylori......)

She had a lot to say to this frog.

These are some good pictures of how skinny she is.  She doesn't look it with clothes on.  She's very lanky and thin.  Like, concave chest thin.  

She likes to brush her hair, and to brush my hair.  

Here's another view of her poor skinny little baby bird chest.  I'm not sure how much of this is just the way her body is made and how much is that she is skinny.

One thing she likes to do?  EAT.

She has done so great with her eating, drinking, and going to the potty.  All of these were concerns for me, and I didn't need to be worried.  We certainly could still have some issues when we get home, but here she's done great.

She does not like to have her hair done.  Which makes eating particularly messy.

I'm pretty sure at the orphanage they sit at the table and shove the food in their little mouths as fast as they possibly can, as this is the method she uses.  It's a good thing she has so many clothes, because she had to change after each meal today.  We will be using lots of bibs.  And cloth diapers to wipe her nose, which is CONSTANTLY RUNNING.  And she has her mouth open 24/7 to breathe, so she is always drooling.  I am starting to think the rash she has on her face is from wiping snot and drool all over it all day long.  I'm quite certain they were likely not as good about wiping her nose and face as her mama is, because they had 11 other faces to worry about.

We went for a walk today and played on a little playground near our apartment.

She loves swinging, the slide, climbing, and chasing birds.  She also got super excited when she saw some dogs, which makes me hopeful for the two we have at home.

She decided she wanted to wear this skirt.  With her dress.

She's very good at getting herself dressed.

Once she was done, she did some cleaning.

She's very thorough.  And apparently exasperated with something.....

Tomorrow we have our embassy appointment for her Visa and then may be able to come home early if there are flights available and it doesn't cost me thousands of dollars!

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