Monday, 10 December 2012

Table Talk

Chris and I have long wanted a farm table for our breakfast room.

I have drooled over them on Pinterest and blogs literally since we moved into this house.

I love the simple style of the tables.

I love that they are usually large enough to easily accommodate a lot of people.

I love that they look good with a bench and chairs.

I love that they are generally weathered already, because we can "weather" some stuff around here.

What I don't love? 

The price of them.

We've looked for a long time, and have not been able to find one that we love, as is.  We always were going to need to stain something or redo the top or paint.  I don't want to pay $500+ for something that I have to change.

Finally, we decided Chris would just build one, using some old barn wood from his parents' house and the Ana White plans.  You know, in his free time he would get right on that.  And we don't have a garage, so I'm not sure where we thought that building was going to take place.

We went this weekend to a store looking for some ugly Christmas sweaters for a party.  Instead?  We found a table!  

The size is perfect for our space, and we don't want to change a single thing.  We used our existing chairs and an old church pew bench we already had, and it's perfect.  I want to find one more chair to use, but it's just fine with only four right now.  Chris' mom and dad bought it for us for Christmas, and we absolutely love it!

And, with seating for 8 people, these jokers couldn't have been sitting closer to each other....

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