Monday, 12 March 2012

Court Dossier Filed!!


What does this mean?
It means that barring any unexpected complications or delays, she's coming home.  It means this sweet girl will be home.  Home with her family, before her birthday in June.  

It will mean no more hungry belly, no more sick days without a mama or daddy to comfort her and hold her, no more being alone. Because no matter how "nice" her orphanage is, it's still an orphanage.  She is still alone.  She will never, ever be alone again.  She will have a full belly, and brothers, and more snuggles than she can count.  She will have a family, and friends, and an enormous community that loves her already.  She will have a warm bed and bedtime stories.  She will have books, and ballet shoes, and a bicycle and a dog.  It means she will have a home and a family and more love than she knows what to do with.  Forever.  I cannot wait for her forever to start.

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