Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Checking Up

Katie had a check up at the pediatrician yesterday, really just for a weight check and some immunizations.  She's gained another pound and grown a half inch since her last doctor's appointment, which was only in May.  At this rate, she's going to grow six inches this year!  (Which would actually make her the height of a five year old, not a three year old...)  She is in the 5th percentile on a typical growth chart for her weight, and in the 25th percentile on the Down syndrome growth chart.  Any way you look at it, she's underweight.  For her height, she is in the 3rd percentile on a typical growth chart and the 75th percentile on the Down syndrome growth chart.

She has obviously not been immunized on the same schedule we use in the States, which could pose a problem for us registering her for school.  She had three shots at her last visit, went back two weeks later for her varicella shot, and had four shots yesterday.  She'll go back in a month for three more.  If I had to get four shots, I think I would punch someone.  Katie was more mad about being held down than anything.  When the nurse was done, Katie popped up into my arms for a snuggle, looked at her legs and said, "Boo boo?  Boo boo?" then shook her fist at the nurse.

She's also doing SO well with her glasses!  It's been a much, much easier process than I anticipated.  She pretty much wears them all day now, with no strap.  I guess being able to actually see was enough motivation for her to keep them on.  I anticipated starting with 5 minutes at a time, and she'll wear them for hours without a problem.  She's only thrown them in the trash once....

Next up this week?  A speech therapy evaluation and a physical therapy evaluation.

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