Friday, 16 November 2012

Giving Thanks, Day Fourteen - Henry

I am thankful every day for my sweet, sweet Henry.

Born just 12 months and 22 days after David, my Henry is the sweetest personification of the saying, "Everything happens for a reason."  People often ask us if we tried to have David and Henry so close together. . . Uh, no.  It makes me sad now to think that I was so apprehensive about Henry's birth, because I knew how hard it was going to be to have two babies.  I should have been more trusting and more willing to see that everything truly does happen for a reason.  Henry has been my little sweet, special love from the minute he was born.

Henry is the most thoughtful, sincere, giving, generous, sensitive, empathetic, caring, sweet little person I have ever met.  He is the easiest child to parent.  He is an incredibly good, smart, happy boy.  He is creative, a hard worker, funny, thoughtful, and loving.

It's really difficult for me to find photos of Henry by himself.  He's always with someone else!

He loves his siblings so much, and is a big protector of them all.  He is the first person to stick up for someone when he thinks they need it, and the first person to comfort someone when they're sad.  He is particularly protective of David, which is ironic since he's younger than David.  Henry has an innate ability to know when someone needs his love, and he gives it freely.  If David has a cut, Henry cries because "I love David and I don't want him to hurt."  He would literally give someone the shirt off of his back if they needed it.  At 7 years old, I've heard him say on multiple occasions, "You can have it.  You need it more than me." about many things.  

He is caring and kind, and he easily makes friends at school and in his activities.  

He has loved and accepted Katie since before she was even here.  He is so proud and encouraging of her, and she is amazingly lucky to have him as her brother.  Henry has asked many times about where Katie will live when she grows up, if she will get married, and who will take care of her.  He has also said, many times, "She will live with me and my wife."  

Henry is so much fun, and he loves to play.  His most favorite thing to do is build with Legos and make movies.  He is artistic and creative, and he loves crafts.

He loves to paint pictures, draw, or make things out of clay.  He wants to give away nearly everything he makes because, as he says, "I think it will make them happy."

Henry works so hard at everything he does, and he wants to always do his best.  He is an amazing child, and I love to see his sweet face light up when he accomplishes things.  For every difficult day we've had as parents, Henry has balanced it out.    

I am so thankful that I get to be his mother and see what an incredible person he will be.  He's always been my Hurricane Henry, and I'm so happy to be in his path.

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