Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Run for Katie: Meet Adriana

This is my beautiful friend Adriana.
Seriously, this is really what she looks like.
I met Adriana, of all places, at the bank.
She works at our bank, which is also the bank we use at our office, so I see her nearly every day.

When I asked Adriana if she would help us with the Run for Katie, she said yes without hesitating.
Adriana has run several races, and she was excited to join our team.

Adriana, perhaps more than all of the people who have been involved with this journey to Katie, Adriana has a special reason for helping.
Adriana is adopted.
I liked Adriana from the moment I met her.
She is smart, funny, has a fabulous sense of humor, is outgoing, and loves the Twilight series.
Um, hello, team Jacob.

Did I mention she's beautiful?!  
She has two little sisters she loves like crazy, and I'm pretty sure she's probably the most fun big sister ever.
Adriana has been so supportive of our journey to Katie.  She has been a wonderful friend to me, and I'm so glad she's part of our Run for Katie!

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