Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Run for Katie Shirts!

I am SO excited about our Run for Katie shirts.  Our Run for Katie is in 10 days, and I will be honest that I didn't order our shirts until Sunday. . . I was getting nervous about them.  Custom shirts are not inexpensive, and obviously every shirt we order cuts into our profits from the race.  And, if I'm paying for these shirts, I want them to look good!

My friend Katie Jane posted on her blog way back in February about her friend Carrie's new business called For the Birds Couture.

Sunday when I was completely freaking out starting to get a bit nervous because I had not ordered shirts, I thought of Carrie.  Way back in February when KJ posted about Carrie, I "liked" For the Birds Couture on Facebook.  And I'll be honest - I probably hadn't looked at it since.  I don't know what made me think of it then, but I really wanted to get some shirts that were not the typical "race shirts".  Carrie is so cute, and has two adorable boys.  She also has some really, really cute designs for her products.  Some of my favorites are the following:

This one will be coming to our house for Christmas.
Three of them, actually! 

One reason I love, love, love Carrie's designs is because they're simple - simple is always better.

So Sunday I sent Carrie a slightly panicky message on Facebook asking her if an order of nearly 20 shirts was something she could design, print, and ship to me before October 13.  You know - 10 days later.  Carrie messaged me back almost instantly and said that she was pretty sure she would be able to do it.  We emailed back and forth talking about design, colors, etc.  And she read our blog to get some inspiration, learn about our family and Katie, and read about what we're doing.  And she designed the perfect shirt.  I was going to wait to post it, but I can't because I love it so much!

It is absolutely perfect.  I posted on Facebook about how much I loved our shirts and almost instantly had a friend ask if she could buy one.  Carrie has made these shirts available to purchase through her etsy site for $15.00.  Carrie's customer service is top notch, and she is the sweetest, easiest person to work with.  Please check out her website and support her business.  

And Carrie - thank you so, so much for making such amazing shirts for us.  You saved me!  

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