Friday, 1 June 2012


We've been doing what some would consider to be some pampering around here.  

And not of the diaper variety.

(Although diapers are a topic for another post....)

Doesn't she look cute with a bow in her hair?
Look fast, because she rips it out as soon as I put it in.

Are you kidding me?  I've waited 8 years to put a bow in someone's hair and this is what she does as SOON as I walk to the other side of the table?!  

Katie's hair wasn't terrible coming home from the orphanage, but it needed some cleaning up.  Like, the whole business in the front, party in the back look.

She did great getting it cut!

She sat in the chair and the girl said, "Well.  Do you just want me to do the best I can with this?"  I'm pretty sure she thought I cut Katie's hair and didn't want to offend me!

It's the same style, just cleaned up.  We're going to let some of her bangs that start in the middle of her head grow out and work our way into a little bob haircut I think.  She was so great getting it cut and was just happy to look at herself in the mirror and laugh.  

I gave her a pedicure.  Which was a horrid experience.  How do you paint the toenails of someone who doesn't stop moving?!  There is a reason I do not do manis and pedis as my job.

And how do you stop a 4 year old from touching the polish once it's on?!  I kept saying, "No, you like this!"  Uh, clearly she did not.  Was I trying to convince myself or her?!

But seriously - how cute and edible are her TOES?!  

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