Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Guess who is really trying to talk?

This girl!

She has always babbled a lot and made a lot of noise, but when she came home the only "word" she could say was "da", which is yes in Russian.  She has, from day one nearly, understood everything we say to her.  And can someone explain that to me please?  Nobody at her institution spoke a word of English, but she joins our family and instantly understands it?  Literally, the first English she likely heard in. her. life. was when Chris and I visited her.....but now she understands everything we say to her?!  She's signing a ton - more, eat, drink, bath, brush teeth, out, all done, drink, up, down, play, dance, poop, and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.  She's also saying words (when prompted) that start with "b".  And for prompting, all we need to do is say the word, then touch our lower lip and she will say it too.  She's SO smart!

And, in other news, do you know what this picture means?

It means girlfriend got the boot to her big girl room last night.  And she didn't make a peep!  

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