Sunday, 9 October 2011

If Katie Were Here Now. . .

It's not a secret I love to shop.  I love to shop for anything.  Houses.  Cars.  Electronics.  Home Decor.  Office Supplies.  Clothes.  Dog Accessories.  Seriously, I'm not picky.  For the last seven years I've shopped for boys.  Have I mentioned I'm very conservative?  I don't like clothes with pictures on them.  For boys that pretty much means they wear polo shirts or striped shirts.  And khaki, red, navy, green, or orange shorts.  Or seersucker.  Shopping for a girl?  Excuse me, but that's a whole different ballgame.  If Katie were here now, she would have the following, in no particular order:

I'm obsessed with Puddle Jumpers shoes.  I love the polka dots!

I would like this coat for myself as well. . . 

Girlfriend will need all the help in the hair department that she can get.

I love little nightgowns for girls!

So cozy.  We'll have bunches of these.

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