Monday 8 July 2013

The Crazy Kukla Boutique

My Etsy shop is open for business!

I launched my Facebook page first and said that when I reached 250 likes I would give away a Superhero dress.  

I named the winner at about 11:00 last night, which was about an hour after the page hit 250 likes.  I could not believe it! 

The Facebook page is up to 296 likes this morning!  I feel like I should give that Sally Field speech about how "You like me!  You really like me!"

You know that feeling we've all had?  The one when you have a party and invite a bunch of people and then the day of the party you get nervous and think maybe nobody will show up?  Yeah, that's the feeling I had.  After I pushed post and invited people to like the page, I seriously thought for a minute, "Wait!  What if this stuff really sucks and people think it's ridiculous?"  Thankfully that wasn't the case!

Reagan Ruffle Capris and Peasant Top

I went live with the Etsy site last night after I put Katie to bed.

Aloha Doll Beach Set

I had my first Etsy order at 9:10 p.m.  

Fort Kit
Shut the front door.  I was shocked!
I also had an order through the Facebook page.  For three items!

Katie Ruth Peasant Dress
I am so excited!

Mickey Mouse Applique Peasant Dress
Once the Facebook page reaches 400 likes, I'm going to give away another Superhero Dress or a Fort Kit (winner's choice).

Matryoshka Doll Apron Skirt Set
One of my Superhero dresses is also in a Facebook auction to help an adopting family raise funds to bring home their little guy with Down syndrome.  I am so excited that sewing can allow me to help other people adopting children like our sweet Katie.  We were so fortunate to have so many generous people help us with our fundraising, this is one way for me to pay some of that forward and help other families and children like Lady K.  Please visit Operation Ollie Auction and bid on my Superhero dress (or any of the other items!) and help Ollie come home to his sweet family.

Please like The Crazy Kukla Boutique's Facebook page and follow my Etsy shop - I can't wait to give away another dress or a fort kit!  I plan to add new items to the shop this week!

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