Sunday, 7 July 2013

Trip to the Aquarium

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga today.  

I seriously took two photos inside.  It's too hard to take photos when I'm trying to make sure Katie doesn't disappear.  Have you been inside an aquarium lately?  They're dark.

It was $107 for our family to buy tickets or $115 to get a family membership.  Uh, hello no brainer.  Chattanooga isn't far from us at all, and we love it, so I can see us using that membership a lot.  

What was everyone's favorite part?  Well after we got past the freaking gift shop (Hello, please don't make me exit through the gift shop.  It makes me hate you.) we got out to the outside area where they have little "rivers" all throughout.  We paid $115 for them to like the free area the best.

I am completely serious when I say that I would drive an hour and a half for them to play in this water.  They loved it.  And yes, I let them splash around as much as they wanted while they were completely clothed.  They were a little surprised about that at first!

Henry wasn't really digging it.  Why?  Because he wanted to get ice cream after and wouldn't have been able to go into Ben & Jerry's if his clothes were wet.  Dude has priorities.

Lady K didn't give a rip about getting wet.  She was all in.

Jack?  Please.  Soaked within 60 seconds of stepping into the first area.  That may even be generous.  It was probably more like 30 seconds.

Katie absolutely loved it.  It was so much fun for her.

Jack's clothes were completely see through and his superhero underpants were on full display for everyone involved.

David, who cannot stand if his tag is rubbing the wrong way on his neck, had zero qualms about jumping in completely dressed.  I was a little apprehensive about how he would react, but he loved it.

Katie thought it was the best thing she's ever done.  She kept saying, "Kk!" and signing swim.  She is amazing.

She loved to drink the water.  Awesome.

We literally could have stayed in this area all day long.

People may or may not have been walking by us staring.  There were other kids in the water.  Maybe it was because mine were completely dressed?  Whatever.

Jack looks like he's bathing in the river!

And, miracle of all miracles, David and Jack played together!  And didn't hurt each other!  

They even seemed to have fun!  Good thing I caught it on camera or I never would have believed it.

As you can see, while the other kids were playing, Henry turned 25 and looked like he was waiting for a ride.

Once we were done with the water, Chris brought the wet ones to the car and Henry and I got some ice creams at Ben & Jerry's.  Thankfully he hadn't gotten wet in the river, so he was able to come in.  ;)

As we sat in our car and ate our ice cream in the parking lot, two people pulled up on the bikes you can rent in Chattanooga.  They parked them by the spot where you pay to park, and they got off the bikes and started talking.  Then they started kissing.  A lot.  Chris and I were cracking up.  Like, who just stands in the parking lot and makes out?  Then the guy got down on one knee!  I realized he was about to propose, so I got out my phone and started taking pictures.  They had nobody around them and I would want a picture of that if I were them.  So I went all stalker on them and got like six pictures.  Then Chris got out to throw our ice cream trash away and took their picture together and got their phone number so I could send them the other pictures.  It was really cute, and made me feel less creepy about them making out in the parking lot by the ticket booth.  Although I'm not sure that's where I would want to get engaged!  Chris said they told him it was where they had their first date.  {The parking lot?!}  

And on the way home, we had this sweet vision of success - a chocolate mustache, sleepy, naked little boy.  I could eat his face up he's so sweet.  {I feel that way mostly when he's sleeping...}

I hope you had a great weekend!

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