Thursday, 11 July 2013

Three for Thursday

1.  The Crazy Kukla Boutique is busy!  I have had twelve items ordered since Sunday, as well as the two giveaway dresses that I did.  That is crazy to me!  I'm so excited and am loving working on these things.  One of the things I cannot wait to make is a bow tie. . . one of my adoption friends has ordered three bow ties and a coordinating dress, and they're going to be so. cute.

2.  One other order that I've gotten is for outfits for beach photos.  Eek!  We picked some great fabrics, and I think these are going to be awesome!

The floral is the main fabric.  LOVE.

These will be accent fabrics, and I need to find a good khaki or gray for some pants for the boys.  They're going to be so, so cute.

3.  I've filled out Jack's registration form for. . . football.  Like, full on pads football.  How many weeks do you think he'll play before he breaks a bone?

And a bonus.  Today Katie follows up with her hip doctor.  Happy thoughts please!

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