Tuesday, 2 July 2013

See Mama Sew: Day Five

I will confess. . . I didn't sew this on day five of See Mama Sew.  Instead, I spent the evening having dinner with some friends of my parents who we only see once a year.  They are some of our oldest, dearest friends and we are so lucky to have spent time with them.  Jack absolutely adores them and calls the husband "Uncle Frank".  It's so cute to see, and I'm so happy we got to see them.

So instead, I'll give you a project I made for Katie's birthday.  She got a Bitty Baby doll for her birthday, and I wanted to make some little things for her to use with her doll.  I started with a little canvas bag with three pockets on the outside.  It's a perfect size.  I added the Matryoshka trim around the top and added the k applique.

I stocked that baby up! 

I made a quilt, six diapers (and one was on the baby when I took the photo!), two bibs, and some cloth wipes.  Apparently the wipes must be in use, because they weren't in the bag.  The quilt is a soft vintage floral fabric and a sweet pink with tiny white polka dots on the other side.  The diapers are my favorite part.  They're so tiny and cute!  And the little bibs are adorable and fit her baby perfectly. 

I also got a little baby care set from WalMart with two bottles, a bowl, a spoon and fork and put those in.  It was such a cute gift for my little mama!

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