Friday, 5 July 2013

See Mama Sew: Day Six

 I took a day off from my See Mama Sew project, so today I have day six.  And perhaps my favorite project, to date.  {I think I say that about all of them...}

This is an in progress shot of my superhero, chevron, polka dot dress.  I love these fabrics together!  It's a little wild, but so is Katie.

I used the Adele pattern from Ruby Jean's Closet.  She has some great patterns, and I'm excited to make some things from her others.  Her directions were great, and it was very easy to follow along.  

I made the dress in an afternoon.  The part that took the longest?  Turning those shoulder ties right-side out.  For real.  I thought I might hurt someone while I was doing it.  They look great though, so I've gotten over my fury!  All in all, it probably took me two and a half hours to make.  We ran some errands, got lunch, picked up the house, etc. while I was working on it, so I didn't just sit and sew until it was done.  The pattern calls for gathering the top of the dress like a ruffle, but I opted to pleat instead.  I love a pleat.  I've added two green buttons to the front polka dot part, but didn't take another photo.  

This dress will be available in my ETSY SHOP!!!  It will be live by the end of the weekend.  I'm so excited I could bust.  It will be a custom order, and I'll have it available in sizes from twelve months to size eight.    

Have you ever seen this child look so serious?  She was a wild woman while I tried to take her picture. I finally bribed her with ice cream and she stood perfectly still.  Ice cream is her love language...

Happy Friday!

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