Sunday 17 July 2011

Yard Sale Goodies

We have already gotten several things donated for our yard sale.
Including this dress that Jack tried on . . . 

And this pony toy that connects to the TV and plays music, etc.
Oh, and the pink reindeer sweater Jack is sporting while he rides the baby toy.

Now I've started to clean out our own house.
This is the guest room. 
Good excuse to unpack the remaining random boxes I have from when we moved. 

It got scary quickly in this room. . . 
Like the paint?!

Thankfully it's been put back together for the most part.
I cannot handle multiple rooms looking like that.

Take a gander at the dining room.
Lovely, huh?

I've begun sorting things that have been donated.
I've never had a yard sale without having a garage to store the stuff in.
This will be interesting as we get closer to our sale date.
Which, just to remind you, is August 25-26.

Have anything you need to get rid of?
We'll come pick it up!

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