Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Santa stopped by and filled Katie's stocking.
He also brought her a baby stroller and a Baby Stella doll.
Jack has named the doll Rosie....Although I'm pretty sure it's actually a boy.  

David and Henry's stockings were filled as well.
And, of course, the slipcovers were off of our sofas!

And Jack, despite being very close to the naughty list, managed to charm his way back onto the nice list.  Santa took care of him too.

Henry said the one thing on his list that he really wanted was Katie home.  
{Insert sad face here.}

Since she wasn't here this year, Jack and Henry opened her stocking goodies.

Yes, Jack is in his underpants!

Not only Santa brought gifts for Katie.
Sister got a lot of gifts - I cannot imagine what she'll get when she is home!

She got an Our Generation doll from Gigi and Grampy.  She's a cheerleader doll.  WITH GLASSES!  I cannot tell you how much I love children who wear glasses - I always have, since I was a child.  I love them.  When I was little I had a Cabbage Patch doll named, of all things, Kitty Jessica.  Kitty Jessica came with glasses, and that was my absolute favorite thing about her.  Gigi said she saw a woman with the same doll in her shopping cart and she knew she had to get one for Katie Ruth.  David and I checked her all out, particularly her glasses!  And, I suspect, David sort of wants to read the book that came with the doll...

She got this adorable pink Ellie Knitbeary elephant from Nan and Gramps.  She is so cute with a tutu and ballet slippers.  

She got a Mrs. Potato Head, some bubbles, and a dolly swing and play mat for the floor.  

She got fancy letters for her room, baby bottles with disappearing milk and juice, a slinky, a flip phone, and some sticker dress up dolls.

She got two cute hats and bows, and three sippy cups.

She got a cute whale dress and a tiny Magna Doodle.

She got a market bag full of fruits and veggies she can slice up and put back together.

Merry Christmas big girl. 
I hope with all of my heart that it's your last one alone.

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