Sunday, 18 December 2011

Special Christmas Gifts

We had our office Christmas party Friday night.  I am so fortunate to work with a small group of people who all genuinely like each other and like spending time together.  They are all incredibly generous, and Friday was no exception.  One of my favorite things I got was this necklace, from Travis and his family.  It is so sweet and thoughtful, with each of our children's names, including Katie, stamped on it. I love it.

Instead of giving gifts to the attorneys this year, the other two girls in the office and I decided to sponsor Reece's Rainbow angel tree children for them.  Let's be honest - the attorneys I work with do not need us to buy them anything.  We weren't sure how they would feel about the Angel Tree kids, but they LOVED them!  

These are the children we've sponsored:

And this sweet girl has had a family commit to her during the Angel Tree!

Seriously?  Can you stand those glasses?!

If you need a gift for a teacher, friend, or hard to buy for person on your list, I so encourage you to donate to Reece's Rainbow.  Obviously we have been incredibly blessed by the donations made by people.  When we committed to Katie she had a grant through Reece's Rainbow of $87.40.  When we started this process we had no idea how we would pay for it, but we trusted that we would figure that detail out.  If a child has a large grant he or she is much more likely to have a family commit, as the financial aspect of adoption can be overwhelming.  Obviously we cannot all adopt a special needs child.  You can help change the life of one by making a donation though.

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