Monday 26 December 2011

Thank You 1st Grade Friends!

Do you remember when I posted this post about my friend Erin's school collecting Coins for Katie?

Well we sent out our cups - LOTS of them.

And the kids loved them.  I wrote here about how excited they were to collect Coins for Katie, and about some of the things they said.

Erin sent them on their way with their cups.
We have been writing back and forth with her class and even sent Flat Stanley to visit.
I have saved their letters for Katie in her scrapbook.

Well this weekend, on Christmas Eve, we got a letter from Erin.
Inside her letter she included the money her first graders collected.
They've been working since the end of September to collect money to help us bring Katie home.
What do you think they've raised?
Are you ready?


Can you believe that?
In less than three months, a group of six year olds and their generous families helped to raise over $1,100 to help bring a little girl they have never met home.  It is amazing to me how much Katie's journey has touched people and inspired them.  
Thank you so much!!

You get what you give.  
I hope that Erin and her first graders have gotten as much out of this journey as we have.  

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