Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy December!

Next time I commit to a daily blogging project, please remind me that I'm terrible at it.

Jack has the flu.

His medicine cost $218.00, after our insurance paid their portion.  Which was $35.00.  The guy at the counter at the pharmacy asked me if I wanted to flavor it.  I did.  He told me the flavor would be $2.99 additional.  I just stared at him.  He finally said, "I'm not going to charge you for the flavor....."  

Thanks buddy.

Today Chris and Homebody Henry stayed home with Jack while David, Katie and I went to Bell Buckle for the Old Fashioned Christmas.  We went last year too, and it seemed to be more exciting last year.  I swear we were the first people there this time!

We walked around a little, had a hot dog, went to the petting zoo, had pony rides (which Katie hated this time?!), bought some fudge and a Christmas gift, then came out to find that the horse drawn carriage was back this year.  David was so excited!  Katie really enjoyed the ride too.  It was nice to spend some time with just two of the monkeys.

Lady K and I brought David back home so he could get back to his Legos.  She and I did a little more Christmas shopping then we came home and we all went to the Christmas parade.  David whined the whole time because he was hungry but didn't want to eat what we brought, Henry was bored until the parade started, Jack felt puny, and Katie apparently hates a parade.  Or is getting sick also, but I'm refusing to believe that's it.  I think there was just too much noise and activity for her.

Everyone was very excited to start our 600 advent calendars today.  My parents got them the Lego Advent calendar, we already had an advent calendar with a little door to open each day and a treat is behind each door, and I got them each a Trader Joe's chocolate advent calendar so everyone gets to open something each day.  (We take turns on the Lego and door calendars.)  The person who opens the door also gets to pick the Christmas book we read at night.  I normally wrap 24 Christmas books, but I was lazy this year and didn't.

You can just use the above for all of my excuses for all of my daily laziness, going forward.

Tomorrow I think we'll hang out at home, try to figure out how to trick Jack into taking his medicine, and clean our house.  Maybe I'll also get started on one of my thirteen Christmas sewing projects.  

Or not.

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