Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Katie is obsessed with the iPad.  She wants to use it 24 hours a day, and she gets M.A.D. if you take it away.  We've started to have to store it in an upper cabinet in our kitchen, because she would just take it off of the counter and hide with it if we told her she couldn't use it.  Seriously, she would sit from the minute she wakes up until we forced her to go to bed just using the iPad.  She is Steve Jobs' biggest fan.  If she can't have the iPad, she wants an iPhone to play with.  She can navigate the iPad to the Netflix app and watch Caillou.  She uses it and does sign language flash cards.  She draws shapes and letters.  While I understand she's learning, she's using her fine motor skills, blah, blah, blah she also doesn't need to be using some sort of technology every minute of the day.

The other day while I was at work, Chris put the iPad in the upper cabinet and took a shower.  When he got out?  Katie was sitting on the couch with it.  Um.... This weekend we asked her to show us how she got it.

Apparently we need to find a better hiding spot.

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