Wednesday, 26 June 2013

See Mama Sew: Seven Days, Seven Projects

 My mother gave me a sewing machine about 10 years ago for Christmas.  I took a few sewing classes and put it in a closet.  I would take it out periodically, but never really did much with it on any sort of consistent basis.  It's much more fun to sew for a cute girl!  Now, I'm sort of obsessed.  For Katie's birthday I made all of her gifts (except a Bitty Baby doll).  I'm going to do seven days of projects, starting today.  I'm excited!   Here are the things I've made in the last few days

I'm in love with chevron!

A mustache skirt?  Yes please.  These embellished bib top shirts are all over etsy.  I love them.

I did this skirt for Katie to wear on her birthday.

It perfectly matched her "Happy Birthday To Me" t-shirt from Carter's!

I also made this sweet outfit she wore at her birthday party.  This is still my favorite of the things I've made recently.  I love the little Matryoshka apron skirt!

Katie loves hooded towels, but she's too big for the toddler sizes they sell at most stores, so I made her one.  (With lovely modeling by Jack!)  

I also made a cutie option for her baby doll!

So, next up is See Mama Sew.  Seven projects in seven days starts today!

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