Tuesday, 7 February 2012



We got these chalk matroyshkas in the mail yesterday from Misty.
Yes, I realize they're upside down.  For some reason I cannot fix it.

There are six dolls inside, and they. are. so. cute!
David divvied them up.  You know, because he's "kid boss".
There was an election.

Jack wrote on the table as much as he wrote on the doll, and he could barely release the Lego Harry Potter (seen face down on the table next to him) from his sweaty little fist long enough to draw on the dolls.

Henry took his job very seriously.
They are so fun.
And I may or may not have played with them after the boys went to bed. . . 

Thanks Misty - come over soon with your family for game night and play with them!  :)

And remember, EIGHTEEN DAYS!!!

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