Friday, 24 February 2012


We. Leave. Tomorrow.

For real.

We have waited for this day for almost nine months.  And really, for the first time in the last few days, I have felt excited because we are going to have another child.  All of the excitement thus far has been about getting ready for her.  Now?  Now that we're going to meet her, and touch her, and love on her?  Now it feels like she's going to be our child.  Now it is real.  And it is amazing.

I got this package in the mail today.

It's from Jenny, my sweet friend who had a birthday party for her children and asked that her guests bring Coins for Katie instead of gifts for her boys.  Well her guests did, in a big way, and they raised over $1,300 for Katie that day.  

Inside the package?

This ADORABLE bag for Katie that Jenny got in Thailand.  It's so, so cute!

Jack thought so too. . . 

I looked up the weather today in Katie's country.  Let's compare.  This is the weather where we live.

Aaaand, this is the weather where Katie lives.

Bundle up loves!

Next time I blog?  
I will be in Katie's country!

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