Monday, 17 September 2012

Back Door Makeover

While I was at Joann's the other day getting the material for the fort kit I made, I saw this fabric.  I loved it, and it was 30% off.  I decided I wanted to make new curtains for our kitchen and breakfast room with it.

Then, it made me think of this color, Teal Lake by Glidden, which I am obsessed with.  So I decided to paint the interior of our back door Teal Lake.

We've replaced the back door since we moved in. 

When we moved in, we had a thick, solid wood door that was not protected at all on the outside by a storm door, etc., so the moisture over time caused it to swell, crack, and start rotting.  It was a great door, but it needed to be replaced.

We replaced it last year with this fiberglass door that can be painted or stained.  And didn't paint or stain it.  The window makes a HUGE difference in the room and lets so much more light in.  I also really like it because I can easily see the kids in the backyard and (duh) can see who's at the door when someone rings the bell.

This is what our breakfast room looked like Sunday morning.

One coat already made my heart happy.

I got started on the curtains and my husband told me that the night before the dog had gone into our dining room (where my sewing machine was set up) and got tangled in the power cord.  That made him rip the machine off the table and it broke!!!  I seriously started sewing curtains for our kitchen on Henry's Pixie Plus sewing machine....  The good news is that Chris thinks he can fix the sewing machine.  He's already taken the whole thing apart, and he's pretty confident he can repair it.  And he feels awful, because I had the door to the dining room closed so nobody would get into the sewing things and touch the machine.

This was the breakfast room Sunday night.  
I l.o.v.e. it.  
I did two coats of the paint in a semi-gloss finish.  It looks so great!  

Next up in that room is some bead board on the walls, paint the upper portion of the walls a deep khaki,  and Chris is going to build a banquette and a farm table.  

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