Friday, 21 September 2012

Katie's First Day of Pre-K!

Katie had her first day of Pre-K yesterday!
She was so excited to go to school.
She's been to her classroom a few times for testing and to meet her teacher, and she totally understood where she was going when we said it was a school day.

When I told her it was time to take her picture, she grabbed her backpack and stood by the door.  She is such a smart cookie.

She ate breakfast and lunch at school (and lunch was a pork chop, lima beans, and steamed zucchini....further proof that she'll eat anything).  The thought of her prancing around the school cafeteria with a tray makes me crack up.  Her fingers are like one inch long - how can she even hold a tray?!  She had PT at school also yesterday.  I'm sure she l.o.v.e.d. playing on the playground!  Her teacher's note said that she stayed in circle time, worked independently at her desk, followed all directions, went potty several times (and came home wearing the same clothes - no accidents!  {insert fist pump here}), and they are so excited to have her in the class.  I'm so proud of my girl!

I admit I was far more nervous for her first day than for any of the boys first days, ever.  Katie has very, very limited communication abilities.  If something happened to her at school and the teacher didn't tell us, we would never know.  That is a scary thought.  Katie cannot tell us about her day, can't tell us what she did, can't tell us if she had fun or was sick or fell off the monkey bars.  We really are putting a lot of trust in her teacher and the school, and that's a terrifying feeling.  I really love her teacher though, which has made this much easier.  Katie had also, until yesterday, not spent any of her time since coming home without either Chris or me.  We were a little unsure of how she would do being by herself, but she was awesome.  Duh.  She was markedly more tired last night, so I know she had a busy day!

This is my favorite picture from the morning, because it so accurately conveys every person's personality.  David looks sassy (and big - excuse me, when did he get so tall?!), Jack looks like he's about to do something naughty, Katie looks sweet as can be, Henry looks like a love, and I look either really excited or like I'm about to check into a psychiatric hospital.  Both of which might be true.  You pick.

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