Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kitchen Chalkboard {or embracing the mess}

We've been having some trouble around our house.  
Can you see it?
Look closely....

It's crayons that have gone astray.  
Like, on to the walls.
This was in the breakfast room last week.

This was on the wall in Jack's room last month.
And it took E.I.G.H.T. Magic Erasers to clean it up.

Katie and Jack both know they are not to write on walls, but for some reason it's just too tempting.  I'm sick of yelling about it, so I've decided to just embrace it.

We painted a chalkboard on the bottom third of the wall that was the victim of some bad drawing in our breakfast room.  We just washed the wall, drew a level line, taped it off, and painted.  I had the chalkboard paint already from when I made a chalkboard for the playroom, so this was a completely free project.  

If they slip and write on the wall a little, it just washes off.  I felt like it looked like it was missing something, but I was determined to keep it a free project, so I looked around the house for something to add.

I remembered this scrap banner I had from Katie's party this summer, and it's perfect!  It even looks great with our newly painted door, so it was a total win-win find!

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