Thursday, 10 May 2012

4 Days to Go - An Adoption Shower!

I leave in four days!!  That is still unreal for me to wrap my head around.

Last night I had so much fun at an adoption shower my friends and family had for me.  They were SO generous.  Every single person in that room has already helped us bring Katie home, and they came last night and were incredibly generous and giving again.  It makes me cry when I think about how lucky Katie is to be coming home to such amazing friends, grandparents, and an aunt who are excited to see her, want to meet her, and think she is a child with a big purpose in this life.  Right now our sweet girl is just waiting, and she doesn't even know it.  Literally in six days, her entire world is going to change.  And from the love I saw for her last night - and I don't mean in the gifts people brought, but in the excitement they have to meet this girl - her world is about to become pretty sweet.

We had dinner at Logan's and this is what I saw when I came in.  I was shocked - everyone went overboard for this child!  I was equally as surprised to see that Matryoshka dolls on the table.  The girls in my office brought those.....from my office!  And I didn't even notice they were gone.  

There were about 20 people there.  I swear to you, I have the most supportive friends!

My sweet friend Kelly made these delicious lemon cupcakes with raspberry icing, after she saw that I pinned them on Pinterest.  Sneaky girls!

I had a little sneaky surprise of my own, and made each of them a key lime cupcake with blackberry compote filling and blackberry buttercream icing to take home.  I think our waitress thought we were a little crazy for having so many cupcakes!

I could not believe all of the gifts people brought!

We got a new car seat for her, which Chris is going to put in today.  I can't believe we're close enough to having her home that we need to install a car seat.

She got so many fun toys, and five pairs of shoes.

My mom made her this huge, soft, silky blanket.

She got pink sandals, sneakers, two pairs of jelly shoes, and the cutest white sandals.

We got a set of dishes for her kitchen, a Baby Einstein musical toy, an adorable piggy bank, and a set of sheet of cute sheets for her bed.

She got lacing beads and the cutest little snack set with her name on the plate and the cup.

She got a purse set with a phone, keys, "international credit card" (which cracked me up), lipstick, and some other accessories, a Play-Doh cake making set, a big pack of girly Play-Doh colors, a My Generation doll, and a purse.

She got a tea set, some bibs, bubble bath, some books, a ball, sunglasses, an adorable little baby doll, some keys that make lots of sounds, and a huge box of wipes.

And the clothes!  I almost hope she's a messy eater so she has to change her clothes frequently.  We got tutus and rompers, dresses and shorts, hairbows and cardigan sweaters.

Skirts and tank tops, an adorable little smocked set, and the cutest little short sets.

She got some sweet dresses, and I'm pretty sure I wish most of them came in adult sizes, because I would wear them!  

Thank you so much to my sweet friends for thinking that Katie is so special and for being so incredibly generous!

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