Wednesday, 23 May 2012

One Week Free!

One week ago I busted Katie out of the orphanage and held her sweet, smooth little hand as I walked her out the door to a new life.

Katie on Gotcha Day, 7 days ago.
She has changed so, so much in just seven days!

Katie, yesterday.

She's flown 6,000 miles on an airplane, slept and ate like a champ, learned that she loves (and I mean LOVES) to take a bath, gone swimming, jumped on a trampoline, learned two signs (and uses them spontaneously and appropriately), said "mama" and "papa" more than once, and is learning to love our dogs.  

She's had tea parties with Jack.

And played dress up with Henry.

She's learned that she LOVES to have a playroom with toys at her disposal.

She's learned that down the slide is easier than up.

And she's learned that the rocking toys at the park are pretty fun.

She's learned that the biggest slides are the fastest.

And I've learned she's definitely not afraid of fast.

She's learned that having brothers to play with is pretty fun.

Most of the time.

She's learned that she loves to swing.

And she's learned that she really, really likes ice cream.

And she doesn't like when it's gone. . . 

She has stopped rocking herself to sleep at night and instead wants to cuddle with her mama.

She's learned that her daddy is great for a cuddle too.

The change we've seen in this tiny firecracker in just a week is astounding.  I can't wait to see what next week will bring!

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