Friday, 18 May 2012

Gotcha Trip - Day Five

Today was our interview day at the American Embassy.  Adoptive families must do this to get the child's Visa to travel to the US, and to get the immigration packet to present to customs when entering the United States, because the child is a Russian citizen at this point.

We got to our appointment about 20 minutes before our facilitator, so our driver, Katie, and I went for a walk to a little playground for a few minutes to kill some time.  I should stop here and say that our driver today was not our normal driver, he was our driver's son.  And our stroller is in our normal driver's car.  No biggie, right?  Um, wrong.

Miss Thing was enjoying herself so much at the playground, she didn't care about being given permission to enter the United States.

She preferred to continue swinging and sliding and climbing, so when I told her it was time to leave and proceeded to take her hand, she had a full on come apart on the ground.  

She'll fit right in at our house.

She continued to be mad about this at the Embassy.  I think she was also very overwhelmed by the amount of people there in a small room.  She was a little wild.  Or, as several people pointed out, "She's full of personality!"  Whatever - we got her Visa and her passport and our immigration package and are ready to get the heck out of here.  I'm patiently (and by patiently, I mean not patiently at. all.) waiting for Christopher to get some information from our travel agent about switching my flight.  It's a bit of a waiting nightmare, because the travel agency is 11 hours behind the time zone I'm in, so if I am leaving tomorrow morning and have to get picked up at some ungodly hour to go to the airport, I have a ton to do.  I think we'll end up on a Sunday flight.

She continued with her love of a bath today, and had another six.  She's likely the cleanest child in Moscow.  

And can you stand this cuteness?  We've been spending some time using the Ergo carrier each day so she can get used to being so close.  I think she's used to it.  How can you not look at that face and be in love?  

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