Sunday, 27 May 2012

Katie's First Doctor's Appointment

Little Miss had her first American doctor's appointment on Friday, and she did really well.  

She was very patient and was happy to draw on the paper on the exam table.

At her last exam in Russia (in April) she weighed 28 pounds and was 38 inches tall.  At her exam here she weighed 31 pounds and is 38.5 inches tall!  She's still tiny for her age - for her weight she's in about the 25th percentile on the down syndrome growth chart and the 2nd percentile on a typical growth chart; for her height she is in the 75th percentile on the down syndrome growth chart and the 3rd percentile on the typical growth chart.

Our pediatrician gave us referrals to the Down Syndrome Clinic, a pediatric cardiologist, and an endocrinologist, to start.  

She had a TB test, her finger pricked to check her iron levels, and had two shots.  We then had to go to the hospital to have two tubes of blood drawn to check for hepatitis, HIV, run titers to check for vaccination levels, check her thyroid function (hence the referral to the endocrinologist), and check for celiac disease.  She was so great during all of the poking, and recovered quite quickly.

She crashed in the car on the way to Gigi's house.

She certainly woke up quickly when we got there and she saw the pool was ready for her.  She couldn't even wait to get undressed before jumping in!

After her swim she had a few chips. . . no selective eating from this child!

We will go to the cardiologist next week and will go back to the pediatrician in six weeks to go over the results of her blood work and have another weight check.  He said she seems pretty healthy though, and he has no major concerns!

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