Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bows for Katie

I have a friend named Christina, who has recently moved back to Tennessee from Savannah, Georgia.

Christina owns a business that makes hair bows and lots of other adorable, personalized items.  The name of her business is Totally Bowlicious, and all of her items are adorable.  Some of my favorites?  The personalized tumblers, the bandana dresses, the ribbon flops, and the little onesies with the ties on them - so, so cute!   Totally Bowlicious has items available to purchase online at her website (just click the link above) and has a Facebook page.   She also does craft shows and sets up a fabulous booth like this.

Her prices are very, very reasonable.  One of my other favorite things she has available?

Christina has very, very generously offered to partner with us to offer Bows for Katie.

Christina has offered to sell her bows (all except her bottle cap bows) for $6.00 through Bows for Katie.  If you buy a bow, she will donate $3.00 of that price to Coins for Katie.  And, if that wasn't enough, for every bow purchased through Bows for Katie, Christina will GIVE KATIE A BOW!!!  Ya'll, I have been dying to put a bow in someone's hair for seven years.  Katie needs bows!  

Look at the cute bows she has - and this is just a tiny sample!

If you would like to purchase a bow through Bows for Katie, you can contact Christina through her website at or like her page on Facebook - she will be so happy to hear from you!  Please help support my friend's great business and help us bring Katie home!

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