Saturday 17 September 2011

Thank You Ali!

We got a donation in the mail today from Ali in Templeton, Massachusetts.  Ali has been one of my closest friends since first grade.  (For those of you counting, that's almost THIRTY YEARS.  What in the world. . . )  We did everything together, for many many years.  We went on vacations with each other's family and spent probably every Saturday night at one or the other's house for about 10 years, 

We rode our bikes all over town together and told each other lots of secrets.  If you were looking for some dirt on me, Ali would be a good person to talk to!  Ali is beautiful, smart, and hilariously funny.  She has a great laugh, and a smile that is contagious.  She's a special education teacher, and she has been a great source of information and encouragement for me throughout our journey with David.  I'm very lucky to have been friends with Ali for such a long time.  I don't get to see her often, but when I do it's never uncomfortable - it's an easy friendship that's simple to pick back up.  Ali's turned into quite a traveller, and I hope she has Nashville somewhere on her list!  ;)

Thank you Ali!

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