Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cups Galore!

Here is Kelly's cup in Keller, Texas.
She has it on her kitchen window and her two young boys love to put in change they find.
She emailed me and said they also take it to playgroups and out with them during the day to put in their change from the car, etc..  I love it!  Thanks Kel!

Lynn, in Manchester, New Hampshire put her Coins for Katie jar out at her yard sale over the weekend.

At her yard sale she made $34.49.
And she's combining that with her husband's change jar.
AND still collecting!

We also got three checks in the mail this weekend from a very special family.

Our family has been friends with Keri and Abby's family for years.
This is Keri, and she sent a check for us from Delray Beach, Florida.

This is Abby and her husband Kendrick and their two adorable little muffins.
Abby and my sister have been close friends since they were very small.
Abby and Kendrick's Coins for Katie check came from Gardner, Massachusetts.

And their mama, Debbie, and their dad Armand (who I don't have a photo of!) sent a check from Templeton, Massachusetts.  My mom and Debbie (and all of Debbie's sisters) have been friends since they were children.  

I so appreciate you thinking of us and helping us bring Katie home!!

Going out in tomorrow's mail?

These are going to my friend Erin to use in her first grade class.  
I am so, so excited about this!

And Henry made this thank you note, which is included in the package we're sending to Erin.
I love his little creativeness!

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