Friday, 23 September 2011

Run for Katie Runner Profile: Meet Kirk!

This is Kirk.
He's one of the attorneys I work for.
Kirk has been an attorney for about seven years.  
He practices criminal defense, domestic law, and insurance litigation.
And he's a very good attorney.
(I mean really, do you think I'd work for a bunch of losers?!)

Kirk is married to Carrie Beth, who is one of my favorite people.
They have two adorable daughters, Charleigh Anne and Carrigan.
They are a fabulous, fun family.

Kirk is a great dad for little girls.
He does lots of fun things with them, like play in the river.
He coached Charleigh's little league team.
He will threaten to seriously harm any boy who comes near them. . . 

I wasn't sure how I would feel about Kirk when I first met him.
He seemed tough to get to know at first.
The fact that he has more friends than anyone I've ever met should have been a clue.
He's not at all what most people think of when they think of an attorney.
And he's probably going to be mad I said that!
He's very laid back, makes me laugh until my stomach hurts, is witty, and is fiercely loyal.
He is smart, rarely serious, loves to golf, and is the first to crack a joke.
Kirk is generous, appreciative, fun, and sensitive.

He's also the first person to offer to help when someone needs it.
He has a heart that is greater than his sense of humor.
When we were completely lost about how to best help David, Kirk was the first person to offer to call some of his contacts to help. 
When we decided to adopt, Kirk was one of the first people to say he would do whatever he could to help.
And he has.  
He has donated things for our yard sale.
He has collected coins.
And now he will run.
He has offered to do a simple will for people who donate $100 to his fundraising.
He has offered DUI representation for people who donate $250 to his fundraising.
And he has offered uncontested divorce representation to people who donate $500 to his fundraising.
And I promise you these are things that he normally charges significantly more for.

Kirk started running last year, and lost something like 60 pounds.
He's run in lots of 5ks, and ran the Ragnar Relay last year with Travis.
He's running Ragnar again this year, and he's running the Las Vegas marathon.
He's running the Middle Half to help us raise money to bring Katie home.
And he never hesitated to offer to do so.

Kirk is generous, and giving.
He gives of his time by volunteering to serve on the boards of several local charities and organizations.
He volunteers at the legal clinic for the Greenhouse Ministries.
He donates to pretty much every child who asks him nicely.
He is very generous with the people in our office.
I think everyone I know is probably sick of hearing how much I love my job, but it's really true.  I'm very, very lucky to work with people I enjoy so much, and Kirk is certainly one of them.

Thanks KDC!

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