Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fast Forward

Remember that I told you that Katie was having hip surgery and that it's scheduled for July?

Fast forward.

It's now scheduled for April 16th.

I spoke with the nurse at Katie's doctor's office at about 8:30 Friday morning and asked, among other things, if we could be put on a cancellation list and scheduled sooner if there was an opening.

There must have been a very short list, because at about 11:30 the same morning the scheduler called me and said we can do it April 16th.

Yes, please.

That will get us out of the cast at the start of the summer and give us all summer to get her stronger and ready for school.  No starting school late or in a cast.  Maybe not even starting with the wheelchair still.  It gives me much, much less time to get ready, but we'll figure it out!  I'm so glad we can get the process started sooner and get little missy on her road to recovery!

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