Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tuesday Twelve

1.  Jack now has a prescription for glasses, as does Christopher, officially making us a home in which every single person must wear glasses.  I laughed when the eye doctor said Jack needed them.  Uh, those would last about 10 minutes with him.  His prescription is very slight, and we will be waiting until the fall when he starts school to get any sort of glasses for him.  

2.  I told Jack the night that I took this picture that when he loses all of his baby and doesn't have baby hands anymore I will be sad.  His response?  "Will you need medicine?"

3.  These two little best buds watch TV like this all the time.  I think now about how nervous I was to have two babies so close together, and I am so thankful that I had two babies so close together.  

4.  I think yesterday may have been National "Look Just Like Your Mother Day".  Example one, David and me.

Example two, my mother.  Slight resemblance there....

5.  This little bug is turning into quite a bookworm.  My favorite part of the night is putting her to bed and listening to her "read".

5.  Yesterday was "Mad Scientist Day" at school.  For real?  
I've never seen two cuter little scientists in my life.

6.  We played outside on Sunday and went for a walk.  Katie fell down, which seemed like a non-issue at the time.  Uh, notsomuch.  
It led to this:

Crying (read: sobbing) Monday morning from the instant she woke up, swollen knee, and a trip to the doctor.  Of course, she can't tell us what is wrong beyond crying, pointing, and saying, "boo boo!"  The verdict?  Sprained knee.  She was feeling much better yesterday afternoon after some rest and several doses of Ibuprofen.  She didn't get tiny little crutches.  Although I sort of secretly wish she had, because she would be so freaking cute.

7.  How much longer until these jokers are taller than me?  How did this being all grown up business happen?

8.  This little helper was a big plant watering help.  
And then a big floor mopping help, given the amount of water that ended up on the floor.

9.  I made the yummiest chicken tortilla soup.  It's SO good.  Good thing, since I made a double batch.  I froze ten 8 ounce servings in individual bags so I can just grab one and go to work.  

10.  We also made baked plantain chips.  SO GOOD!!

11.  Before the playing outside?  There was time out.  :(  
Big girl has a hard time sitting at the table instead of on the table.

12.  This kid and I went to a bowling birthday party on Saturday.  He is so much fun to hang out with.  I am so lucky to be his mama.

Happy Tuesday!

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