Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Busy, busy!

I am busily getting ready for our big Coins for Katie Pancake Breakfast that will be held this Saturday, November 12 at Chili's at the Avenue in Murfreesboro.  I. am. so. excited.  I think we'll have a great turnout, and a lot of fun.  And I found out today that a local magazine, VIP Murfreesboro Magazine, will be at our event with a photographer!  I'm excited for more people in our city to read about our journey to Katie and to see what great people we have in our community who will be there supporting Katie and our family.  We have some fabulous silent auction items.  All combined, the silent auction items have a fair market value of over $4,300!!  Every single one of the items has been donated to us, and I'm hopeful that we'll make a good bit of money at our silent auction.  We're excited and busy getting ready.

I had the nicest phone call today from one of my favorite clients, Jenny.  She is a nurse at local hospital, and she said one of her patients today was a six year old little girl who with Down syndrome who had been adopted from Ukraine.  The little girl has been home for 8 months and has a 4 year old sister with Ds as well.  My client said the mom was talking to her about the girls and Jenny said all she could think of was Katie Ruth and that we need to get her home.  Jenny went on to say that she was so touched by the girls that she got really emotional and started crying because she was so happy they have a home and a family.  And she was a MESS on the phone with me.  It makes me so happy (oddly?) when people are so touched by things like that - I don't think that Jenny would have had that same reaction if she didn't know me and have a personal connection to adoption.  I have known Jenny and her family for years, and we're lucky to have her praying for us and thinking about us on our journey to Katie.

I hope your week is going well!

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