Tuesday 8 November 2011

Giving Thanks

On my original blog, The Real Housewife of Bedford County, I am doing a post each day in November about things for which I am thankful.  Today, on The Simpson Six, I am thankful for a woman named Jackie.  Jackie contacted me via email very shortly after we committed to adopting Katie Ruth and told me that she was a prayer warrior for Reece's Rainbow, and that she would be praying for our family and for Katie.  I am not the most observant religious follower, but I certainly feel like I'm a faithful person.  I believe 100% in the power of prayer, and I feel like we are very lucky to have Jackie's prayers and support.  Jackie does not live near us, and I do not know her in "real life", but I think about her often.  I think about how fortunate we are to have her support and her prayers, and her thoughtfulness.  I think about how generous she is to open her heart to our family and Katie - people she has never met.  I think about her relationship with God and how important that must be to her.  I think about what a great program the Prayer Warrior program is and how lucky Katie Ruth is to have a prayer warrior who is thinking about her and praying for her.  Jackie has sent me such kind, thoughtful, sincere emails, and she has even made a donation to our FSP account.  

So tonight, I am thankful for Jackie.  I am thankful for her supporting us, praying for us, and opening her heart to us.  I am thankful for Jackie's generosity and for her faith.  I am thankful for Jackie.

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