Friday, 4 November 2011

We got some more Coins for Katie donations today!
Our sweet friend Kayla, who was our babysitter every week for two years (and whom we miss very, very much!) brought her Coins for Katie cup to me at work today.  She saved $33.09.  In a TINY sippy cup!

We also got a check today from Lynn, who I worked with in New Hampshire at the Gap.  Lynn saved her change, had a yard sale and accepted donations there, and sent us a check for $125!  Thank you so much Lynn!  Lynn has been a supportive friend to me for many years, and, if I know Lynn, she will love Katie!  

I also just noticed that we got a $10.00 donation to our FSP today.  Thank you to the person who made that donation!

My first batch of bracelets will be sent out in the mail tomorrow to people who have requested them!

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