Wednesday, 30 November 2011

If Katie Was Here Now. . .

I think it's time for the Christmas version of "If Katie Was Here Now."  You may remember the prior installments from this post and this post.  Well, if that little nugget was here for Christmas, it may look something like this. . .

Santa *may or may not* be bringing her a Baby Stella doll.
Let's just say it's not impossible!


I will admit I want this dollhouse.
So I can decorate it.

Yes, these are jeggings.
Apparently I'm only against them (strongly!) for adults.
I find them oddly acceptable for children.

This child will be the first girl in our family in 29 years.
I'm pretty sure overboard will not be uncommon.
Santa will be bringing her some presents at our house and we'll bring them to her on our first visit, whenever that may be.  I cannot wait for next year when she's here to see and experience Christmas herself!

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