Tuesday, 8 November 2011

My Newest Project

As is probably clear by now, I love a project.  I usually have about 8 of them going at any given time.  With our dossier complete, I now have some time to work on them.  This is my newest beauty.

I picked this cute little dolly highchair up at Goodwill on Saturday for $9.99.
My secret to successful shopping at the GW?
Being able to see beyond the outside of something and picture what it would look like with a little work.
The legs were loose and wobbly.  
And please don't ask about the fabric.  
It's hideous.
The 70's called and wanted their highchair back.
But it was SO cute, I couldn't walk past.

The first thing I did was tighten the screws.
Wobble?  Gone.
(Then I read the original tag on the bottom of the chair and learned it was made at a company about 5 miles from where I grew up. . . approximately 1,100 miles from here.  Clearly that means it was supposed to be mine!)
I was sort of hopeful that I would be able to eliminate the need to cover the cushion with fabric and I would just be able to paint it, but that was not the case.  The seat is just a piece of MDF.

The cushion is in fine shape, so I saved that and will recover.  I am just going to use some fabric from my scrap stash to cover the seat and make a small ruffle to go around to cover the MDF edge.
I painted it over the weekend with Rustoleum American Accent Heirloom White paint, and it looks awesome!  I'll show that transformation and the recovered seat another time.  Jack loves it and keeps trying to climb into it.  He said, "I know my sissy Katie Roof will LOVE this chair!"  I hope so!

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