Sunday, 27 November 2011

Getting Christmas Started

Well, Thanksgiving is over so it's time to get Christmas started around here.  I love Christmas - if I could put a Christmas tree in every room I would.  And really, we're not far from it.  We will have a big tree in our living room, a tree in the entry, a tree in the playroom, a tree in the guest room (Katie's room), a tree in the boys' room, and two potted trees on the porch.  And those are just the trees with lights. . . we have several smaller trees with no lights all around the house.  We got started yesterday and have these up so far:

This is the entry.

The playroom.  
You should see this beauty in daylight.
To say it's a little heavy on the ornaments is an understatement.

And this is Katie's room. 
It's the old playroom tree, and we've got it on the window seat.
Henry decorated it.  
And included a Hawaiian lei.  
It's, um, interesting.  It looks best in the dark.

Henry has asked me several times about Christmas for Katie, if she celebrates Christmas, what she gets for presents, if Santa comes to her orphanage, and things of that nature.  I told him that I don't think Santa brings her gifts or that she gets gifts, and he was very, very upset about it.  He asked if Santa would bring her gifts here, and we talked about that for a little while.  He said he thinks that Santa knows she will come live her, and he thinks Santa is going to bring her presents so that we can bring them when we go to see her.  We've gotten her a stocking that we'll hang, *just in case* Santa brings her something here.  The stocking we've gotten is plain red. . . if you know me at all you have realized there's no way I can leave it like that.  I found this ADORABLE stocking on pinterest, and will be making my own version.

Have you started your decorating yet?

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