Tuesday 22 November 2011

Giving Thanks

You may remember my post about the kindness of strangers from earlier this month.  In that post I talked about the family of one of our clients and the very generous donation they made when they heard about Katie.  Well that same family was moved by Katie and wanted to help even more with our fundraising so we can get that sweet girl home.  Today I am thankful for the R family and their many, many friends.  When the R's came to my office today, they came bearing gifts. . . 

In two weeks they raised $2,517.00.  They provided me with a list of the donation amounts - they range from $5.00 to $350.00.  Every single one of them is from someone I have never met.  I know I have said it a million times, and I hope it doesn't sound contrived because it is entirely sincere, but the generosity of everyone we have come into contact with on this journey to Katie Ruth has been completely overwhelming.  I am surprised nearly every day buy how giving people are - of their time, of their money, and of themselves.  We will never be able to thank people enough.  

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