Sunday 28 October 2012

19 of 31 - Nashville Buddy Walk!

I was a co-host of the Nashville Buddy Walk Reece's Rainbow table.

We had an AWESOME table!!

One of the other girls had a fantastic idea to print 100 kids from RR and tie their pictures, descriptions, and grant fund amounts to water bottles.  We gave lots of waters away, and saw several people looking at the pictures and talking.

We won first place for best non-profit table!

We also had an Already Home board with before and after photos of some Reece's Rainbow sweeties who are home.  I'm sure you probably recognize some of those faces!

The boys loved this photo board.

They made their best "I'm lifting a car" faces.

Or not...

My friend Amber, also a RR mama of sweet baby Anna Gray, took this picture of Katie and me.  I love it!  Katie had gotten up very early that day and was not feeling very smiley, but Amber caught her!

These are all RR babies.  Well, except Jack!

I was so, so excited to see my friend Shana!  She and her husband brought an adorable little pumpkin named Cooper home recently, and he is a love.  I was thrilled to see her family and give her a big hug.

We got all lined up for the one mile walk.  And realized that we'd be walking at a snail's pace because there were roughly four thousand people walking.  We quickly bailed on the walk and went to the playground.

The boys were running around too fast to take a picture of them!

We had a great morning at the walk, and we'll definitely do it again next year.  Thank you to each of you who donated to help support Katie's Crew!

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