Sunday, 28 October 2012

26 of 31 - Jack's Fall Festival

I LOVE Jack's school this year.  He has fantastic teachers who love him so much, and he's learned a lot.  It's a fun school, and they had a fall festival on Friday.  Chris took all of the kids, because the big boys were out for parent-teacher conferences.

Katie loved it, which was not a surprise.  They had a pumpkin patch, pony rides, bouncies, lunch, and the kids were able to play on the playground.  It was beautiful weather, and they all had a great time.

Of course, Katie loved the horses.  It was the same man who had the horses at David and Henry's birthday party last year, and he is the nicest man ever.  The big boys weren't so interested in the horses this year, more in jumping in the bounce houses.  Everyone loved it!

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