Sunday 28 October 2012

27 of 31 - Wild Flours

If you are local, you must go to Wild Flours.

Wild Flours is an organic, all natural bakery and mill in Murfreesboro.  They grind their own fresh grains and make amazing breads, cookies, muffins, and treats.

They have a store right off the square, and it's so, so cute.

I love the way it is decorated, and - even more than that - love the products they have!

We picked up some of the whole wheat bread at the farmer's market this weekend.  I gave everyone a slice last night with dinner with a little bit of honey (also from the market) on top.  David said, "This is the best food I have ever put in my mouth."  I have to agree with him.  Henry said, "I want to marry this bread."  

This is some seriously good bread.  We are now rationing it, calling it "the good bread", and I've hidden it from the kids so they won't just gorge themselves on it.  I will have to go back this week to get more, because it is so fantastic.

I also let the boys each get a cinnamon roll at the farmer's market.  They were gone in about 4 minutes. I think that warmed up these would be even more amazing.  And more than just tasting great, the breads and baked goods she makes are made with things that are good for you and your children.  

Please - if you are local - stop in to Wild Flours.  This is a great little local store for us, and I promise you will not be sorry!

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