Sunday 28 October 2012

22 of 31 - Always Happy?

Want to know my biggest pet peeve about having a child with Down syndrome?

Other people. 

And not because people are rude or stare or anything like that.

Really, that almost never happens to us.

It's people who think that everyone with Down syndrome is just happy and cheerful all the time.

Uh, no.  Are you?

Katie has Down syndrome, she's not missing the part of her brain that controls her feelings.  She has all of the same feelings that you and I have.  She is happy a lot, but she's also irritated, grumpy, sad, angry, crabby, excited, scared, and all of the other emotions you feel.

She can throw herself on the floor and have a come apart, just like every other five year old. 

Is that because she has Down syndrome?  No - it's because she is human.

So for every person who thinks that someone with Down syndrome is always happy, please educate yourself.  

And I invite you to come spend a day with Katie and experience the full range of her emotions!

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